Whatever you generate per customer monthly, it can be significantly greater.

Creating additional revenue streams is easier than you think, and the flow of cash can really add up fast. Boost your bottom line with ARS products and services. We have created Compliant Residual Revenue Programs that allow fee-based business to generate additional income from established customer relationships once they have completed the initial service provided.

Does your business fall in the Credit Repair, Debt Management or Student Loan industry? ARS products and services are the perfect fit. We can provide additional income streams for your business by implementing our programs into what you’re already doing during the course of normal everyday business. All it takes to generate additional revenue streams is customers, and you already have them! So now you’re ready to provide the value and savings of ARS programs to your customers, while increasing your profit margin of each and every customer. Our B2B business model is sure to bring you additional revenue every single month.

Let us help make you money! It’s what we do best!

Featured Products and Services:
Savings Programs

Your client’s love saving money and this program is a perfect addition to your already valuable list of services. With this program, your consumers will enjoy savings such as Everyday Grocery Savings, Discount Movie Tickets, Online Local savings, Auto Buying Service and Maintenance Discounts, Vision and RX discounts and much more, all while bringing additional revenue back to you at the end of each month.

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Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

In uncertain times, give your clients added peace of mind. If any of your members become involuntarily unemployed, our IUI will make some of their monthly payments. *Certain terms and conditions apply.

Credit Monitoring Services

Offer your clients the peace of mind of credit monitoring services. Your consumer’s will benefit with 24/7 credit monitoring, monthly credit scores and reports, identity theft insurance coverage and 24/7 Fraud Resolution service, while bringing additional income back to you!

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