Better Programs. Best Pricing. Bigger Profits.

Like many business owners, you want to increase your income per customer. Do you know how? Or, are you just after an even bigger piece of the pie? The management team behind Alternative Revenue Solutions has been in your shoes. Those challenges frustrated us, too. So we set out to solve those problems … and we have.

The wide array of relationships ARS has established with national services and products providers is the key to our effectiveness and your success. It also allows ARS to help you impact your bottom line without adding to your overhead. Here’s how:

  • Create New Revenue Streams: Enhance customers’ lives through unique programs, including: identity theft coverage, involuntary unemployment insurance, tenant liability insurance and discounts on shopping, groceries, travel, prescriptions and more.

  • Save Customers Money: Offer customized, low-cost bundled packages no one else offers, which would cost your members hundreds of dollars more if purchased individually.

  • Attract Customers: Gain an advantage over competitors by expanding your current Benefits Package or starting a new one from scratch.

  • Generate Monthly Income: Include the incremental cost in your monthly fee and add the markup to your bottom line.

  • Administration, Marketing & Promotion Support: Run your business and let ARS run your programs by taking advantage of our many services.

That’s just the beginning of how ARS helps business owners make customer relationships even more rewarding — emotionally and financially. Call us one of the following ways to learn more.

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